Aura Soma Quintessences

These are a blend of water and flower essences that will assist you in connecting with and getting assistance from These Ascended Masters and select Ascended beings. Using a quintessence with help you to utilize the qualities they represent
at any given time.

El Morya - Invokes peace and surrender.

Kuthumi - Enhances connection with Devas, Faries and Nature.                  Brings luck through empathizing with the positive.

Lady Nada - Helps clear aggression and releases negativity.

Hilarion - Peace and inner truth.

Serapis Bey - Helps attune to stellar energies.

The Christ - Connecting with our spiritual purpose.

Saint Germain - Restores balance, transmutes negativity.

Pallas Athena - Male and female integration, abundance.

Orian and Angelica - Divine timing. Good for Jet Lag.

Lady Portia - Non judgment and forgiveness.

Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin - Compassion. Allows the past to be                                          released in peace.

Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara - Healing for abuse and                                                                    deep emotional shocks.

Maha Chohan - Communication of feelings and communication                            with the angelic realms.

Djwal Khul - Find space when needed. New beginnings.

Holy Grail and Solar Logos - Connecting with The Grail energies.

Aura Soma Pomanders

This blend of herbs and water will give you a temporary infusion of the energy of a particular color. The colors may be helpful in many of your experiences of daily life.

Red - Grounding and manifesting.

Pink - Unconditional love.

Orange - Vitality

Gold - help with irrational fears.

Coral - Good for working with groups.

Yellow - Joy and lightness of spirit.

Olive - Feminine leadership.

Green - Healing of emotions.

Turquoise - Creativity and Computer work.

Blue - Communication and authority issues.

Royal Blue - Intuition

Violet - Calming

Magenta - Being in the moment.

Deep Magenta - healing on all levels.

White - Cleansing and physical healing.

Aura Soma Rescue Remedies

These are smaller versions of the Balance bottles that can be used any time for situations that may come up where temporary assistance is needed. They correspond to the charkas and can be used on them for healing blocks.

Energy Rescue - red over deep magenta.

Shock Rescue - orange over orange. Good after a trauma.

Coral Rescue - Good for group or relationship situations.

Yellow/Gold Rescue - Good for digestive or solar plexus chakra                                       issues.

Heart Rescue - Blue over green. For emotional healing.

Physical Rescue - Blue over deep magenta. Can be used for                                 physical healing and communication issues.

Metatron Rescue - Can be used for brow and crown chakra                                  issues.

Star Child Rescue - For young children with emotional problems.


All products come in 25ml plastic bottles
and cost $37.00

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