The Flower of Life - AThe Vehicle for Ascention

The Flower of Life   is a compilation of many teachings, ancient and modern, that encourage and support each person to find their unique connection with the Source. The focus is integration, wholeness, self responsibility, unity and loving acceptance of all life. It's about bridging the gap of unconsciousness with compassion and loving acceptance for all life.

Our planet and all who inhabit her are in the process of transformation en route to Ascention. The Flower of Life Workshop is an exploration into the science of Sacred Geometry and the reactivation of the MerKaBa, a geometrically precise, crystalline energy field which surrounds the body. The MerKaBa, "The Vehicle of Light" is a vehicle for Ascention.

Within the symbol of The Flower of Life is the blueprint of all creation. Sacred Geometry is a universal language, a visual representation of the unity in Nature and on every level of life. Known as the "language of God", it allows us to access ancient knowledge in our cell memory which has an extremely powerful effect on elevating consciousness, expanding the heart center and activating transformation on many levels.

The Flower of Life also covers:

Higher Self communication
The 12 chakra system
Left-Right Brain Activation
Multi-dimensional consciousness
Using color, light, and sound to heal
Spherical (pranic) breathing
LOVE - the "fuel" that powers the Merkaba
Earth's history including Atlantis & Lemuria
Dolphins and whales and our link to them
Our Changing Ecology

6 Day Workshop

With the 6-day format there are no prerequisites.
You will view approximately 30 hours of video, learn the Mer Ka Ba
meditation and Unity Breath
FEE: $444.00

3 Day Workshop - FOL2000+

The 3 day workshop is experiential, the focus being learning
the Mer Ka Ba meditation and Unity Breath.
FEE: $222.00



Flower of life, Drunvalo Melch

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