The Flower of Life
The Flower of Life teachings as presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek, books, videos, and articles covering a broad range of spiritual topics.

Drunvalo Melchizedek's Personal Web page - Filled with articles and FAQs about Drunvalo and his work. Updated Often

Spirit Web - A large site with lots of information on esoteric studies as well as a great Event Calendar for spiritual events. - Articles and Information on all things Spiritual. We have articles on everything from Angels, Astrology and Health to Horoscopes and Relationships

Light Mission - a site dedicated to offering vital information relative to Unfolding Pure Inner Consciousness (or the Inner Higher Spiritual Self). Offering on-lines books, Meditation manuals and exercises, Insights into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Alchemy, Astrology, an awesome 'Page of Links' to most interesting places, and much much more.

Spirit Teaching- We aim to bring about communication and awareness for all regardless of faith, enabling the individual to understand their universal journey, how to achieve right thinking, responsibility, love, tolerance of difference and happiness as the path of enlightenment. This is the spiritual site of Trance medium Mick Avery and Sylvie Avery. Welcome to our world!

Crop Circle Connector - A very complete page dedicated to serious study on Crop Circles, with many photos.

Alternative Escapes - is a free matching service for travelers and people who will open their homes to others sharing their interests, tastes and lifestyles.

World Puja Site - Connecting the peoples of the world through meditation and prayer, live on the internet.

Hopi Theory of Creation - The Hopi indians of N. Arizona creation myths are explored, incorporating Egypt and the pyramids. Great links section.

Greg Braden's Website - Articles, news, and more.

Your - Get your free report with image of your Vedic Astrology Horoscope or order your Detailed Report.

Global Vision

We have a range of videos on everything from Et's, abductions, ufo's, alternative healing techniques including body electronics and anti-cancer therapies, sacred geometry and much more all by experts in their field.

World Light Center: Over 300 Articles, Spiritual/Healing Resources, Books, Light Force, Seth, Order of Melchizedek, Over 3000 Links to Web Sites, Healers & Light Workers.

Spiritual Response Therapy An ancient healing art which removes past-life discordant energy from the Akashic record. Thereby, allowing the recipient to no longer be hindered in their present-life.

Sayahda - A Clairvoyant since birth, has traveled domestically and internationally for over 30 years giving "Special Guidance to a Changing World." Her powerful seminars and individual consultations are refreshingly realistic and unconventional in format. Celebrities and common people alike continually benefit from her unique talent for awakening individual realizations relevant to their personal well-being. - new media for a new age. Iamvalley is a portal that
disseminates information, education, and media about
spirituality in the new age.

The Children of the Law of One - Ancient spiritual teachings, Unique yoga, Free meditations, Online Advanced Reiki instructions, Sound and Music Therapy, & Hi-Tech Tools. The Ancient Order Repeatedly Spoken of in the Edgar Cayce Readings.

Metagifted Education Resources Organization - is dedicated to furthering the awareness and understanding of gifted and talented individuals - (INDIGO CHILDREN) including all types of giftedness from academically gifted to metaphysically/spiritually gifted persons and everything in between.

Spirit Guidance - provides free spiritual guidance for all comers. lighten your soul here today and surf away with a positive sense of well being. The truth is out there and it is free!

Salt Crystal Lamps
- Beautiful, millions of years old, salt rock crystal, known for its ability to ionise the air, thus enhancing your well being and improving your health. Nature's own air ionisers. A special type of rock crystal. Ideal gift!

Kinotakara - Kinotakara is the latest wellness breakthrough from Japan. It helps support the release of toxins and minor pain from the body. Kinotakara is a science-based product, developed from laboratory research in Japan.