Channeling from the Assembly of Light through Abby Isadora Haydon


We would wish to thank you for being open to perceiving changes that are coming forth upon your planet. It deals with the concepts concerning masculine energy. We wish to speak of the representation of masculine energy upon your planet. We wish to call this the Divine Masculine. We wish to discuss how all of you may bring forth this energy with your life and bring it into balance.

Inherent in the physical form that you are presently residing in are aspects of masculine and feminine. Wether your body is of the masculine gender or not, there still is a masculine aspect in all beings upon this planet. There is a feminine aspect in all beings as well.

Much attention has been put upon healing the feminine energy upon this planet. This is very beautiful indeed. Feminine energy has been greatly suppressed upon this planet.

Within the past quarter century, women have begun to connect with their energy and strength. This has empowered many women upon the planet. Their sense of themselves is healing and expanding rapidly. Even those in the male body are feeling that they would like to be in touch with what has been described as the Divine Feminine within them.

Now it is time to think upon the Divine Masculine. This is a very important aspect indeed. It is something that living beings, even animals, have within them. All humans need to be in touch with this energy and allow it to expand in a positive, harmonious way.

There has been much negativity directed to the concept of masculine energy. Masculine energy has been that which has been credited with much of the disharmony, killing and suppression that is still going on upon this planet. Many have come to connect pain and suffering with masculine energy. It is important to realize that the masculine energy manifested upon this planet is out of balance. It needs to come into balance with the feminine.

First we would wish to address those who are in the male body, who are of the masculine gender. They are struggling to come into harmony with the energy that is generated within them. They wish to come into harmony with their driving force and the intense emotions. Many men are constantly challenged to maintain control of their impulses. For many years the masculine energy within men has dominated their entire being and there has been great killing and domination of the physically weaker by the physically stronger. This has come about by the over stimulation of the male energy.

Now that those in the female body have been honoring their particular type of strength, there can be balance between these two polarities.

The way of living by force and taking what is desired by this means is out of control with many and therefore is enacted throughout the planet. For the weapons of destruction, be they a gun or a bomb, are extensions of the masculine force. It is the masculine energy within men and women that make them feel that they must conquer or dominate others by force. In this way, they create pain and suffering for what the perceive as weak. This illustrates that this energy force is out of balance upon this planet.

What is the basic nature of the masculine energy? What are it’s beauties? How can it be brought into balance? The great aspect of the masculine is that it is outwardly creative. The feminine creates within its body. The masculine goes out and seeks the new. It wishes to explore, discover and build outwardly something that is an extension of itself. This energy has created a great deal of practical inventions as well as great beauty. The divine masculine has discovered the laws of nature and has created everything from the wheel to the computer to enhance the quality of life here. The divine masculine has created the desire to go into outer space. It is the force behind the drive to explore and populate all areas of the globe. Due to the unevolved nature of the masculine energy on your planet, it has brought with it distruction of the land of the earth, enslavement of its people and inequality in many aspects of life.

When the masculine comes into balance within each person there will be harmony and peace upon this planet. There will then be a balance of the masculine and feminine. These energies are meant to work together, they are meant to be equal. Each of these energies is like one side of a coin. The front or “head” of the coin is not better then the back or “tail” of the coin. They both work together to pay for what is needed.

Until the masculine energy of all, and particularly those in the male body, comes in harmony with themselves, there will be havoc, rape and domination in your world.

Many that are now in the male gender do not wish to look at themselves. They do not wish to look in to the inner recesses of their being, but they wish to conquer and expand outwardly. It is very important for men to be able to create balance and harmony within themselves.

This idea has proved to be very difficult for many men. The true challenge to men is to trade domination over others for dominion over themselves. They need to bring harmony to the forces within themselves that cause them to bring imbalance in their world.

This change in the use of masculine energy may seem to be something that may appeal to men who wish to meditate or grow spiritually. The great majority of those in the masculine body are not aware of the need for balance of their energies. The trends in the evolution of consciousness that are transpiring upon this planet are beginning to assist those in the masculine form to seek harmony within themselves and their world.

So it is that those in the masculine form at this time( for those who are now upon this planet have been both male and female), are in need of support at this time. They will begin to feel a calling within themselves. They will have a desire to heal this division that goes on within them.

This calling will come to men of all races and social-economic levels. It will come to be part of their way of thinking to desire to find balance within themselves. When this balance within them is stabilized, they will not seek to create distruction.

It has been the prayer of many upon this planet that this balance will come to those in government and to those who are creating war and havoc. This influence for change is coming from many different sources. It is coming from a change in consciousness that is growing upon this planet.

Many men and women are beginning to create peace within themselves. They are beginning to find balance within their nature. This will begin to work upon the male gender at large. Many more men will be seeking awareness of their nature. They will be seeking harmony within their impulses. It is important for those sisters and brothers who have started to walk in this direction to be open to giving them the assistance that they are seeking. It is important to honor this beauty that is emerging within them. Support them in their growth. In each man and woman this change is a personal journey. It is more obvious for those within the male form, but many women have allowed their male energy to dominate them as well. For these women, it is a matter of restoring the strength of their feminine energy as well as allowing their masculine nature to be expressed when necessary.

This way the divine masculine and feminine within each person will unite and work together in all the life situations that confront each person. One will not have a louder voice then the other, but will create a divine duet that will come forth as needed.

It is important at this time to realize that many have blundered, and have allowed the masculine energy to run rampant within them and their world in the past. Now they may wish forgiveness. It is important to be open to this forgiveness. It is important to assist them in this healing.

The imbalance of masculine and feminine energy within a person can cause great pain physically, mentally and emotionally. For those who have been touched by this dynamic force when it is out of control there has probably been great suffering. When one has offended you in this way wishes to seek assistance in changing their imbalance, we encourage you to be open to working with them. Allow the divine blessings of forgiveness to come forth within you. Assist them in whatever way is possible to help them heal and change.

For now the change will be permanent. Now there will be changes coming forth from men and women who have had their masculine energy out of control.

When this energy is harnessed in the right way, it creates beautiful buildings, cities and wonderful inventions that can be in balance with the feminine energy of nature and the environment. It is one of the most important issues to be evaluated at this time.

Rectifying this imbalance within the beings of your planet will bring about the answer to the greatest prayer of humanity: the prayer for peace.

Peace for all beings. This is what you all seek. We do not wish those in the male body to feel that it is solely directed at them. There are women whose masculine energy is also out of balance. They can be destructive as well. For both genders will begin to come into balance.

We encourage you to be open to assisting with this aspect of change in any way that feels appropriate to you. When any man or woman comes to you feeling the guilt about the pain and destruction they have caused by their energies being out of control, we would encourage you to be open to working with them to find their balance within. For often they need the mirror of another to really see themselves.

We would wish to give you this meditation. It is the meditation of the Harmony of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

We would wish you to see a beautiful man and woman. They are standing side by side. They are holding each other’s hand and smiling. Joy and love is passing between them. Now see yourself standing opposite them. This beautiful man and woman will start to shrink. They will begin to come into your heart area. They will finally settle within your heart. As they enter your body, you will begin to see yourself glowing with a beautiful white light.

This beautiful quality is beginning to be established within you. You are also assisting to create this balance within people you do not know when you allow it to manifest within you.

If you feel so inclined, you may wish to create drawings or poems that speak of this balance. Create something in the material world that will be a symbol of this growing harmony.

Each person’s connection to their Higher Self, teachers and guides will enable them to know what must be done. You can help by forgiving them and supporting them in creating change within their lives. Bring them food, go have coffee with them, show them love and perhaps give them a gift. This will spur them on to their goal, which is the goal of all humanity. As more open to the energy of their divine totality, great healing will commence.

So think about your own Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. Ask Divine Guidance to assist you in healing the imbalance within you. It is a wonderful time to see this transformation take place within you and before you.



Abby Haydon
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February 12, 2004